COR Center Resources

The Cultural Orientation Resource (COR) Center provides information and assistance on refugee resettlement in the United States.  Some of the information resources provided includes:

  • Refugee packages – multiple resources to be used to assist with refugees from a specific geographic area. These packages include videos, background historical and cultural information, program overviews of overseas Cultural Orientation (CO) programs, student lesson plans and welcome guidebooks.
  • Videos – Numerous videos featuring interviews with resettled refugees from Bhutan, Burma, and the Darfur region of Sudan, as well as with refugee seniors. Videos include interviews and experiences with resettlement.
  • Map and brief descriptions of overseas CO programs: location, populations, duration and emphasis.

The video section is an especially great resource. The videos show interviews with refugees about their life in the United States. You can see real stories of hope, fear, happiness, loneliness and thanksgiving. Most of the refugees featured are happy with their life in America.

The video Bhutanese Refugees in the United States features one especially enlightening interview with Dilli Ram Khapangay who had been in the US 1 year and nine months. He is grateful for his liberties in America – the ability to eat what he wishes, practice what religion he chooses  and so on.

I had 33 difficulties in Nepal – water, food and so on. Here I’ve found only three difficulties. The rest of them are gone.

Dilli’s story and the many more shared through the COR Center website are great reminders of the hardships refugees face and the what happens after moving to America and Starting Over.

Dilli Ram Khapangay, Refugee from Nepal

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