World Music at our Premiere Event

We had some great performers during the World Music session at our Premier Event! Thanks to all the participants for making it a great event and for the wonderful attentive audience!

Songs of Love and Peace in 3 languages with Daniel Cribb. The first one is Karen song and the title is “Bah Ma Nuu Khoe” (Why). The second one is Burmese and the title is “Min Ko Chit Yin” (If I Love You). The last song is “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Bhutanese Nepali Folk Song 1. Thank you to the musicians, including Tek, Shyam, Santa, Dil, and Tila and to the beautiful dancers too, Dorna and Guyatri!

Bhutanese Nepali Women’s Dance. The musicians invited their mothers up on stage for a “Mom’s Dance.”

Shyam San Rai Nepali Dance.

Bhutanese Nepali Folk Dance party.
Thank you, Santa Rai and “Bhutanese-Nepali Folk” Friends!!!

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