Starting Over will be working very closely with the directors and staff of the UNSPOKEN™ Festival since the themes discussed are close to all of our hearts. A little about UNSPOKEN™…

UNSPOKEN™ is an annual human rights forum that combines film, art, music, and a conference into one festival. Held in Utica, NY in October of each year, this multi-faceted forum seeks not only to give a voice to human rights violations from around the globe, but also to offer practical solutions in order to shape a better tomorrow and give hope to the future.

2011 Film Festival (photo via Marc Goldberg)

The first UNSPOKEN™ occurred October 13-15th, 2011 in Utica. In had three main events:

1. Film Festival at the Uptown Theatre featuring over 50 short and feature length films focusing on human rights issues,  along with talks with the film directors

2. Arts Festival which included art at the DeSales Building and storytelling through Utica Firefly

3. UNSPOKEN™ Conference at Munson William Proctor Arts Institute discussing the role of culture, heritage and the arts in process of resettlement.

The 2011 festival was a great success and the 2012 festival is already being planned for October 17th – 20th, 2012.

We will be debuting the Starting Over events at the 2nd UNSPOKEN™ Festival. We will also be featuring the festival at our own event, through photo dedication during the Gallery Event.

Additionally, UNSPOKEN™ director Michael Patrei we be hosting the Starting Over children’s event, featuring a puppet show.

For more details on UNSPOKEN™, visit their website at http://www.iamunspoken.com/.