How to Support

What can you do to support the refugee community of Utica, NY?

  • artisansBuy holiday gifts from refugee craftspeople. Local example: Re.Source Traditional Artisans.
  • Donate money or time to the Refugee Center.
  • Eat at refugee-owned restaurants – see our map for details.
  • Shop at Refugee-Owned Markets. See our map – there are dozens of ethnic and refugee markets in East Utica. Introduce yourself to the owners.
  • Attend World Refugee Day events at the MVRCR in June.
  • Read books by and about refugees. Local assistance: Utica Public Library.
  • Watch films by and about refugees.
  • Tell your story. Listen to other peoples’ stories.
  • Visit a worship service in a different language or from a different religion. See our map for locations.
  • Learn some phrases in a new language so you can greet our neighbors. Try Google Translate!
  • Wear native clothing from a different culture, just for fun.
  • Take a tour of the Refugee Center or Adult Learning Center when they are offered.
  • Take an anthropology class.
  • Go to a café and discuss art and ideas. Local example: Tramontane Café, Lincoln Ave.
  • Take a tour of the Refugee Center or Adult Learning Center when they are offered.
  • Look out for news about the upcoming release of the Starting Over book.
  • Like us on Facebook for continuous news and updates; sign up for notifications.

How to get involved with the Refugees Starting Over Art Project:

  1. Save the Dates for all our events on your calendar.
  2. Submit photos of your life in Utica for our collage/art exhibit. Do you have personal or family photos that you would like to share with the community? Please email them to using the highest quality or resolution versions you have OR upload to our Facebook page!
  3. Give us YOUR input on the following question and email us your answer: What was it like for you to start your life over again in Utica, NY?