StoryCorps: Starting Over

“We talked about what we like about Utica. We told our life stories and the reasons we came to America. We talked about the most difficult moments in our lives and who was kind to us.”

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Lost in Transition

“Barefoot in the empty kitchen, the family speaks in Burmese. “How much is this one?” Lee asks. It’s $84,000, with some wiggle room — still over budget. The Lees plan to buy their first house almost a decade after being resettled in Utica, New York. Refugee families like the Lees make up 17.6 percent of the city’s foreign-born population.”


In Upstate New York, A Refugee Haven Prepares For Trump Presidency

“The city of Utica in upstate New York has been a model of refugee resettlement for 40 years.”


Utica, N.Y., Which Welcomes Refugees, Monitors Trump’s Muslim Comments

“Utica has been shaped for decades by its policy of welcoming refugees. People there say the fear many Americans feel over new Muslim immigrants doesn’t match their community.”


Utica: A City of Refugees in the Nation of Trump

“We are still in the early days of the transition to Donald Trump’s presidency. One of the biggest questions about his policies involves immigrants and refugees. The city of Utica just west of the Adirondack Park has grown into one of the most interesting experiments in refugee resettlement in the U.S.”


Nepali Women in the US

“Capturing the myriad lives of Nepali women in their new homes.”